Standard Air Handling Units

Standard Air Handling Units

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Standard Air handling Unit

  • AIRBEX state-of-the-art Microprocessor with a range of
  • BMS interface options
  • 3rd party controls integration available
  • Controller UPS available for keep-alive
  • Robust, extruded aluminum construction with various panel
  • thickness, including a thermal break option
  • EC fan array with variable airflow

Extensive range of capacities and cooling configurations

- Direct Expansion

- Chilled Water

- Direct Adiabatic

- Free Cooling: air-side and water-side economizer solutions

  • Various voltages available in 50/60 Hz designs
  • Dual power supply available with Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Custom horizontal and vertical orientation to fit any space
  • Flexibility to be mounted on pad, steel, curb, or floorstand
  • structures with lifting points for rigging
  • Filter options available in MERV7 to MERV14
  • Ease of accessfor service and maintenance
  • Meets global standards